An Open Letter to Marzuki Alie

Dear Sir,

It is my job as a troubled, disappointed Indonesian citizen to voice out what I think of the Legislative Assembly as a political institution that is supposedly to be on the side of “the people”, in light of recent developments.

Your remark as to tsunami victims were at risk because they lived on the shores was insensitive and morally corrupt. To be politically incorrect, even though they leave from the shores, they’ll suffer volcano ashes if they move to the mountains, get drowned in mud if they stay in the Kampung, or flooded if they move to the city. Unlike you, many other Indonesians don’t have big houses, fancy cars, and all the facilities that a House speaker is entitled to. Unlike you, many Indonesians are struggling just to get their food on the table.

Where is your sense of priority when your members are taking a study trip to Greece, a country where it is the most corrupt among European Union countries, with high unemployment rates and an economy near to default, and to justify the visit to learn “ethics and politics” among the many dire conditions Indonesia is facing?

Where is your sense of empathy, when many children are unable to go to school because their building is torn down, many women are unable to get basic maternal health because there are only few hospitals around, yet you urge that renovating the DPR building, complete with a spa and massage parlour, is more important?

Where is your sense of responsibility, as a law-making body, when your House have only been able to pass 7 out of 70 bills prioritized for this year?

How do you sleep at night?

I don’t know why I’m writing this in English, but my gut tells me it wouldn’t matter if I wrote it in Indonesian, since I don’t think you’d understand anyway. However, I do hope you, as a the head of the House, a self-proclaimed voice of the people, still have an ear to listen, let alone a heart.

A concerned citizen.


5 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Marzuki Alie”

  1. Saya sbnrnya sangat kecewa&malu saat membaca pernyataan Bpk Marzuki Ali ttg resiko mereka yg tinggal di Pulau Akan sering kena Tsunami.
    Bapak yg ktnya pimpinan sungguh tercela&amat memalukan berkomentar spt itu.Krn Kelakuan Korupsi kalianlah makanya bnyk rakyat Indonesia yg hingga saat ini hidipnya jauh di bawah garis kemiskinan,sangat melarat.
    Dasar Gak Punya Hati Nurani!!!!!!!

  2. Couldn’t have said it better. I truly believe their in-sensitivities and moral corruption have gone to an extent that no effort humanely possibly can alter. A ‘nudge’ by The Almighty is what it takes to open their hearts and minds.

  3. I hope you send this to him. You can even put “Concerned Citizens” at the end of the letter as I am sure this letter represents a lot of people’s opinions.

  4. I think Mr.Marzuki Ali always has a very nice dream in all of his night ,hahahah surely ! he is not proper to be the Head of House !

  5. you said it all how we feel about his evil’re right no matter what language you use i don’t his heart will say anything.but we can try use money language,i think he’ll understand it well.i think he sleep just fine in his comfort air condition room.what he care about people.he’ll care about us in 2014.and until now he never say sorry for what he said.he’s really evil in human form

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