Power Rangers, Pacman, and Pork

Have you ever felt that what you learn or accept as a common knowledge while you are growing up, you kind of take it for granted now? Have you ever observed the pop-culture around you and analyze whether they are politically correct or not?


Have you ever felt that what you learn or accept as a common knowledge while you are growing up, you kind of take it for granted now? Have you ever observed the pop-culture around you and analyze whether they are politically correct or not?

I was watching a Singaporean local TV one afternoon, and Power Rangers was on. Suddenly memories of my childhood flashed back on me because I remember every Sunday morning I’d stick in front of the TV and will never miss an episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Now that I’m older, I realize that Power Rangers might be the most politically correct children series ever.

Have you noticed that the white ranger is white, the black ranger is black, and the yellow ranger is Asian? The pink ranger, is always a girl. I assume if the pink ranger was a boy, he’d be a metrosexual ranger (those days it wasn’t “in” yet). There’s also no purple ranger, since I would also assume they would like to avoid the homosexuality controversy, like tinky winky, one of the teletubbies.

And then there isย Pac-man, a classic game which is so successful, they have their own franchise and game sequels, such as Ms. Pac-man. You would think that “hey, let’s have a female heroine now” and hence Ms. Pac-man was born. But why wouldn’t you call it Pac-woman? Are there some gender equality issues that somehow the heroine is the wife of the hero, and she could not stand on her own?

It would also be fun to know if Pac-man had an extended family. Did you hear that Pac-man has a rapper brother named TuPac? He also had a cousin named SixPac, a famous bodybuilder. He had an uncle named OPac, who lived in UAE and owns an oil cartel. His half-sister, Pacu Cuntilanak, was never acknowledged by his father and is known to star in crappy horror movies in Indonesia. Pac-man also has a secret of his own, since there’s BisPac, his mistress (and Ms. Pac-man doesn’t know about this). Finally, Pac-man also had a distant cousin, Pac RT – the devoted local neighborhood guy who’s always busy listing guests who stay over for more than 24 hours.

I know Muslims are not allowed to eat pork because it is haram. But in this age of genetically modified food, don’t you think it’s about time they invent halal pork? I mean, vegetarians can eat mock meat, why can’t they have mock pork for those who are not allowed to eat the real thing?

Then someone gave me a link to this picture:

Pasar Halal Pork

Apparently we already have halal pork. And pigs can fly. So I guess now, anything can happen in this crazy world we live in.

Note: the last three members of Pac-man’s extended family are local jokes. Google them if you want to.

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  1. COOL WRITING. hahahaha lol. I laughed back and forth reading this, especially on Pacman part. Some brothers are forgotten, however. The first one is PacQuaio and he is Pacman’s brother who is a famous boxer in the Philippines, and the second one is Pacbowo Subianto who ran for Indonesian no.1 in 2009 presidential election ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, I’ll tell Pac-man that his brother PacQuaio is missing him. Kudos for him for winning the election to become a congressman in the Philippines.

  2. do you know that power ranger is not original
    original is everyone or every color is japanese
    americans or some other people hate japanese
    so they change these parts and re-shooted
    do you think its politically correct or something ?

  3. My Muslim friends and acquaintances tell me that Islam is very flexible and able to adapt to changes in the world and to technology. Now, I understand the original reason for proscribing pork. A millenium or two ago, the biological and chemical basis of disease was unknown. Islam and Muslims of the time did not possess this knowledge. It made sense to proscribe pork back then because it was likely to make the person sick, and therefore weaken the ummah. Fast forward to the modern age of today. Our understanding of hygiene, disease vectors and medicine is advanced to the point that pork is no less healthy or nutritional than other types of animal flesh. Rather than making pork halal through genetic modification, how about making pork halal through a modernizatio of thinking and the adaptation of the Islam to modern-day knowledge and conditions?

    1. That’s true, Mauricio. Often times with religion is that they are consumed with dogma, thus I don’t think people would be comfortable to put the idea of rational thinking and adapting their religion to modern day conditions. At this very moment I know some people might think that your idea is blasphemy, but if true Islamic scholars were to step up and engage discussions such as this, why not? Rather than branding every single minuscule thing as haram without any benefits to society (I’m referring to MUI)…

  4. The very wise, though little appreciated Indonesian Muslim scholar Nurcholis Madjid called attention to the pervasive “sacralization of the mundane”, turning the banal, trite and commonplace into a sacred practice. He, of course, inveighed against certain mentalities in the Ummah regarding the the Islamic State, but his analysis of the sacralization of the mundane can easily be extended to the religious notion of haram foodstuffs.

    “It is error only, and not truth, that shrinks from inquiry.”
    – Thomas Paine

    1. Well put, Mauricio. Do you have Nurcholis Madjid’s writings on this “sacralization of the mundane”?

  5. I own an autographed copy of his Indonesia Kita, but you can find a discussion of that polemic in Robert Hefner’s Civil Islam.

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