Jakarta, Global City of the Future?

McKinsey Global Institute launched an interactive map showing the 600 cities projected to be the global cities of the future, which will account for 60 percent of the global GDP growth in 2025. Out of these 600, 9 Indonesian cities are featured, namely: Jakarta, Medan, Samarinda, Tangerang, Bandung, Balikpapan, Pekanbaru, Kediri and Surabaya.

Not surprisingly, no cities in the eastern part of Indonesia is on the map (if you don’t count Samarinda and Balikpapan). Thus, despite the positive outlook of economic growth in Indonesia, redevelopment outside the western parts of Indonesia is seen to be minimal.

The projection for Jakarta alone in 2025, the city’s population will increase to 12 million people, with the GDP of the city amounting to $236 billion. We should observe that this measure is not taking into account the Jakarta-Bogor-Depok-Tangerang-Bekasi (Jabodetabek) metropolitan area.

Not sure whether we should celebrate the optimism for Jakarta if access to water in the city is still problematic, traffic congestion is showing signs of gridlock and housing prices in the city area are becoming more unaffordable (hence the growth of housing in satellite cities outside the city center – contributing to the congestion problem).


3 thoughts on “Jakarta, Global City of the Future?”

  1. Myself, I am looking to divest myself of Jakarta and do not see my future in Indonesia anywhere west of Bali. My apartment in Jakarta will be put up for sale as soon as I take possession of it…

  2. Have you heard about the Beautiful House in Menteng being torn down? Did you know it is owned by Ibas Yudhoyono? See, the destruction of the country is not limited to poor, uneducated, rural kampung folk, or those starving or at the margins of society. No, the destruction, cultural and natural, of the country takes place at all levels of society.

    Perhaps Ibas tore down the house to make way for a modern minimalist design, or one of those tasteless abominations with doric columns so in vogue with the elite in Jakarta. He sure is paving the way for Jakarta to become a Global City of the Future.

    I am thoroughly disgusted.

  3. Hi fika!
    Remember me? Its nice to read ur blog. I too, in investment agency under ministry of finance, work on climate change erradication attempts, spesifically on developing green energy. Keep writing!

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