Doing Business Reforms in Indonesia

Summary from IFC’s Doing Business reforms on Indonesia:

Indonesia made starting a business easier by introducing a simplified application process allowing an applicant to simultaneously obtain both a general trading license and a business registration certificate. The country made getting electricity more difficult, however, by increasing connection fees.
Areas of business regulation reform: Starting a business, Getting electricity (making it more difficult)
Rank in Doing Business 2012: 129     Rank in Doing Business 2011: 126

A quick comparison with other Southeast Asian countries: Singapore (1), Thailand (17), Malaysia (18), Brunei Darussalam (83), Viet Nam (98), the Philippines (136), Cambodia (138), Lao PDR (165), and Timor Leste (168). No data on Myanmar.

Full report here.


One thought on “Doing Business Reforms in Indonesia”

  1. Ranking 129?

    However, the saying “if you can make in the Big Apple, you can make it anywhere” is bound to be replaced by “if you can make it in the Big Durian, you can make it anywhere”.

    Though I admit the post made me feel uneasy – Dian, daughter in law, and Ingmar, son, started their business in Jakarta last year. They may be doomed,

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