Intermezzo: “Last Dictator Standing”

Just finished final exams, here’s something to cheer the pundits.

In case you are wondering, it is Mugabe featuring several other figures such as Gaddafi, Mao, Saddam Hussein, P.W. Botha and Idi Amin. If Zimbabwe had any significant relations with Indonesia I’m betting that Soeharto would be featured as well.

h/t Reuben (I think).

One thought on “Intermezzo: “Last Dictator Standing””

  1. Make sure your fellow students from China don’t see your blog. You might find yourself brought up with the school admin for charges of insulting the Great Leader, which make cause an international diplomatic rift. After all, you do know that Mao was NOT responsible for the Great Famine, the economic debacle that was the Great Leap Forward and the injustice of the Cultural Revolution. Learn from the sorry and sad lessons of the MPA class of 2011.

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