Street kids and punk music in Indonesia

Short video clip from the Global Post on why Indonesian kids are crazy for punk:

I understand why punk kids are seen as a public nuisance when it comes to busking on public trains and buses, and although not all of these punk kids do so, some even blatantly ask for money. What I disagree, however, is that if you put them on “moral reeducation” programs such as in Aceh, apprehending them without any legal basis.

h/t The Interpreter.

3 thoughts on “Street kids and punk music in Indonesia”

  1. Sorry for being pretty off topic, but I kind of liked the music. To my ears it sounds good – compared to what i experienced when I first heard the Sex Pistols ( centuries ago).

    Either this music is not that punk, or ( what’s more likely) my ears have grown accustomed to the sound.

    PS: The video report is rather sympathetic to the kids. Middle class as I am, I kind of liked these youngsters’ style ( well, the way the report pictures it).

    1. I don’t dislike the music either. I would like to believe that music is universal, but in reality, which particular music you listen to is often associated with which ‘class’ in society that you belong. If I were to over-analyze about the sympathetic video, I would mention about the links with poverty and situation these kids face in their lives and why they associate it with punk music.

      But I’m too lazy to do that, and hoping someone else will do the job.

  2. “Dia memang gatal sekali, Pak!”

    Those were the words of the sixteen-year old lass who was diamankan by the Syariah Police in Aceh untuk “dibina” for having engaged in mesum with an anak punk. Yes, our poor punks are in hot water once again in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (be very wary of any place that claims to be the abode of peace. Usually they are quite the contrary) according to an article in Serambi, the province’s most widely read and influential daily. The punk and the lass ran afoul of the law for kissing and hugging in public.

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