The irony of government spending

Reading Indonesian newspapers usually depresses me, but on Wednesday the two covers of Kompas and the Jakarta Post particularly made me lose my appetite.

Kompas and The Jakarta Post (18 January 2012)

On the left is a picture on the renovation of the DPR Budgetary Body room, how the newly imported chair from Germany each costs Rp. 24 million. On the right, is a picture of a damaged bridge in Lebak, Banten, used by children to go to school.

As usual, only after it has gotten national and international media coverage, seven days after the bridge was damaged the Bupati, Mr. Mulyadi Jayabaya, decides to visit the site and made an attempt to cross the bridge as well – only to find that he was not as fit as those children are.

The costs for repairing the bridge, he said, is roughly Rp. 600 million with the duration of 3 months.

The total costs for renovating the DPR Budgetary Body room is roughly Rp. 20 billion, and I’m pretty sure it will take less than 3 months to finish. I believe the honorary members of the representatives can’t wait to have its next meeting discussing future government spending in those comfortable chairs.

Oh well.


4 thoughts on “The irony of government spending”

  1. hah, what a sad country fik..there’s nothing we can do about it.. it need a total change from the inside..cant trust those people inside the long they are exist, well we’re not going anywhere

  2. A harrowing contrast indeed.

    One may wonder what kind of mental isolation members of parliament are in if they don’t see or care their lascivious lifestyle is an insult to the overwhelming majority of their compatriots they claim to represent.

  3. but think of the joy spinning on expensive office chairs bring!

    I’m kidding. It is ironic.
    I mean, how could we spin with no purpose on an office chair, when there are children out there who does n’t even own chairs??

    And I’m sure you have heard how much they spent on that calendar they’re planning to make. A friend told me it costs that much because it uses unicorn’s blood as ink.

    anyway, Happy Blogging!

    Salam kenal,

  4. @ yoan: Right. And of course the joy of sitting at an original Louis XV writing desk, pictures of your loved ones in golden frames and a transparent pencil case decorated with diamonds on top of it :). ,

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