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I have been very busy preparing for my thesis (or Policy Analysis Exercise) of which I will be presenting tomorrow (17/02), thus the lack of updates in the blog. Rest assured I will be blogging again after tomorrow’s ordeal is finished.

If anyone is interested, the title of my PAE is “Acceleration of Land Acquisition in Indonesia: Case Study of the Jakarta MRT Project”. In this PAE, I will be identifying bottlenecks in the implementation of land acquisition processes in Indonesia (which are known to cause delays in development of infrastructure projects) and then identify the actions or policies needed to accelerate the process (or “debottlenecking”).

The final product should be submitted around April, so if anyone is interested in discussing the topic with me, I would be delighted to do so.


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  1. Interesting, very interesting subject! I’m sure tomorrow will be a success, if only because the 17th of February is my granddaughter’s – and first grandchild – Esha’s birthday.

    Congratulations in advance 🙂 .

  2. For foreigners it is very simple. No land acquisition is allowed. Period. Once again, I would like to invest my money in Indonesia, for long-term, non-speculative purposes, but apparently my capital and good intentions are not welcome.

    I hope you don’t take Jakarta as some sort of Indonesia writ small. Land acquisition in the “real Indonesia” is fraught with lots of difficulties ranging from non-exitent title, corrupt & incompetent Badan Pertanahan Nasional and adat istiadat that make a simple transaction like buying a piece of land a byzantine and kafkaesque nightmare.

    1. The Basic Agrarian Law is clear, foreigners can’t own freehold land. Land acquisition for public interests can only be done by the government, not the private sector (domestic or foreign). The problem is not whether the capital and good intentions are not welcome, but whether the ease of setting up an investment is in place. I’ve heard progress in BKPM, though I am not in a position to give an evaluation for that right now.

      I know how messy the land registration system is, and I am perfectly aware that the Jakarta context is not by any means similar to the rest of Indonesia – it’s a place of its own. But thank you for the reminder.

  3. So how did it go? Will you soon be joining the ranks of the LKYSPP alumnae? What’s the next step after Bukit Timah and College Green?

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